Nuke Trading | Sourcing and Export

Source, control, trade and export manufactured goods with our cloud software solution.

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Nuke Trading is a cloud software solution for retailers, traders, manufacturers and trade services providers. All of them are connected in one place to manage seamlessly purchase orders.


Forget about multiple excel files, printed offers and overloaded mailboxes. Improve your operations with a fully integrated web tool designed specifically for companies trading manufactured goods from Asia.

Nuke Trading fuels your entire process from product sourcing to final delivery. Our exclusive features are powered by the most advanced and safest technologies.

Our solution was built by professionals from the trading industry to promote best practices. They designed a simple and intuitive tool. Register your users online and access a plug & play toolbox for goods traders.

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Sourcing and Export software


Manage your suppliers, keep track of their products specs. Make educated and real time decisions for your business with our exclusive built in analytic tools.

Involve your sourcing, shipping, marketing, quality control, sales teams… They can work together all the way to order delivery. They can access your data live, anywhere in the world.

Bring in users from your subsidiaries as well as suppliers and service providers. Our sourcing and export software solution handles corporate line of command and restricted access accounts.


We are constantly developing new features for our sourcing and export software. Check them out!