Do you often find yourself going through hundreds of emails to get your hand on an old product offer? Did your workstation disappear under a pile of dusty fair catalogues? Do you often spend too much time trying to find this holiday pic lost among product, shop and factory pictures?

Of course you do! You are a sourcing specialist.

Problem is you can’t probably remember where you stored this gem you found last year in Canton. The time you spent looking for it is lost to work on new products and projects.

Nuke Sourcing keeps your items organized. Snap them on the spot with your phone and upload them into your sourcing dashboard. You can edit them later if you need and clean your database as you go.

nuke sourcing screenphone
nuke sourcing computer
nuke sourcing tablet
trade show photo

Capture new items you want to keep in mind when visiting a factory or attending a trade show.


Your product managers receive buyers’ requests directly on their dashboard.


Grant an access to your suppliers and let them fill in their offer. Compare and select the best one.


Tell us who you are, we’ll tailor make a solution for you.